A bit of history

Ecolife Furniture Wholesaler Pty Ltd is a new and young company established in Western Melbourne, Victoria to cater to the fast-growing and demanding housing market. We sell our furniture to the Public, Retailers, and bulk buyers.

Ecco & Bella Designs

With increasing numbers of new modern houses, modern Townhouses, and Soho living apartments, our modern and contemporary European design furniture by Ecco & Bella is made and designed to complete and personalize your new home or replace that old furniture.

Beauty in Simplicity

Beauty in Simplicity, with this slogan in mind all our design by Ecco & Bella, is simple, creative, and more storage but with elegance and quality without compromising affordability. The beauty is all around with an excellent combination of metal, MDF, particle board, wood, and high-quality wraps that deliver our masterpiece.

Main Focal Point

Our main focal point will be our affordable pricing range as all our products are manufactured and delivered from OEM direct. From the manufacturer to the end user.